Introducing 1Life Pulse Lite

Samsung, 1Life Insurance, and VeoSens, a health management solution co-developed by Samsung and Hannover Re, have launched Pulse Lite, a health management app for consumers in South Africa to earn additional life insurance coverage by making better daily choices.

Insurance is provided exclusively by 1Life Insurance, the life insurance company established in 2006 and owned by Telesure Investment Holdings.

Pulse Lite is a wellness program. Users who sign up are instantly granted a Base Bonus Cover of R50 000. From this point on, users can grow coverage limits by monitoring their activities on their Samsung Galaxy Watch Active2 and by making positive lifestyle changes.

“Every time you choose to get a little extra sleep or go for a walk, for example, you’re likely to grow your life cover. To qualify for the programme you simply need to buy the Galaxy Watch Active2register with 1Life and download the VeoSens app.”

“Life insurance has been modeled around how people live their lives. The healthier you live, the lower your risk profile and the less your premiums are. This technology really helps elevate this, by giving consumers tangible measures of their wellbeing and enabling them to take real control whilst encouraging them to make the necessary amendments for a better life. 1Life Pulse Lite is the culmination of this technology partnered with life insurance, creating a platform for consumers to add greater value to the cover.”