How One Argentinian Insurer is Innovating Across Segments

Last month, Colón announced that it has developed the first Home Insurance for women that offers cancer care. Refresher: Colón is a Buenos Aires-based general insurer with ~500K policyholders that was established in 2013. Coverage includes accessing a second medical opinion, an annual PET scan and mammogram, in case of medical indication. Also, it allows for complementary studies up to the maximum limit of $1,000 outside of one’s social or prepaid work.


Wait, there’s more. The insurer also added a new benefit – it signed an agreement with Big Bite to provide insureds technical assistance at home to repair appliances. “The service provided by this new provider consists in the removal of the damaged property and an analysis of its repair. If the arrangement is viable, the Insured will receive his appliance again in operation. If this can not be repaired then the Company’s Claims Airline will evaluate the Client’s compensation or give him a purchase order to acquire a new one.”


One last thing. Meet eColón:



Think: the digital insurer of Colón established late last year to offer motorcycle insurance via a chatbot (named Julieta), or online via the site. And guess what else? Quotes “will not take more than 90 seconds”, there is a charity component to the scheme where Colón donates 10 pesos to a recognized organization for each new policy sold, and the claims process is also digital.



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