Hooray! The Bundelz App is Finished

Meet Bundelz:


Think: the first prepaid car insurance policy in the Netherlands. Bundelz is a car insurance scheme developed by Sparklab, the innovation lab of Nationale-Nederlanden (NN). Customers can buy car insurance packages of 1,000 kilometers via an app that will show them how many kilometers they still have left.


At this point, the company is in pilot phase as of June 2017 with the intent of proving that there’s a market need. “During the first phase we wanted to learn whether the ‘af & toe’ [occasional] rider exists and whether he needs a prepaid car insurance policy. The results are promising: the customers are very satisfied, experience Bundelz as fairer and are cheaper” – managing director of Sparklab, Kokke van der Werf.


Two more things. One. The Bundelz app also offers a ‘find my car’ feature. Look below:



Two. This isn’t the first innovation to come out of Sparklab. Last year, it announced Gappie, a mobile-first initiative for temporary car insurance; still in pilot phase.



Bottom Line: fairer and cheaper (and more flexible). In one word – Hooray!