Hiscox launches FloodPlus app

Specialist global insurer Hiscox has developed a new app – FloodPlus AR – that uses Augmented Reality (AR) to illustrate the growing flood threat to coastal towns and cities from rising sea levels.

“Using a 3D topological map of Greenville, a Jersey City neighborhood in Hudson County, the application demonstrates the potential flood risk of rising sea levels. Users of this application can increase sea levels up to eight feet and see the devastating effects of this seemingly insignificant rise to residential areas of Greenville.”

“Rising sea levels represent a global threat, with the scientific consensus being that more communities and lives will soon be at risk from flooding. As a leading US flood insurer, it is important to highlight the issue, which this app does neatly using the innovative technology that underpins our FloodPlus product.” – Dan Alpay, Flood Line Underwriter for Hiscox London Market.