Hiscox Backs Digital Commercial Broker Optisure That Targets SMEs and Freelancers

Karlsruhe-based insurance startup Optisure, which wants to revolutionize the commercial insurance market in Germany, is live as of October 4, 2017. The startup, established in 2016, is now offering its first product – IT liability coverage for freelancers, powered by Hiscox. Look.



The digital broker’s value proposition is to allow SMEs to purchase coverage in five minutes . Wait, there’s more. The Optisure OptiBot algorithm advises customers on the optimal insurance protection; “better than any human broker”. “Optisure only offers insurance solutions for those industries whose risks we also understand exactly” – cofounder Christoph Maile. The advice covers all areas, from the amount of the insured sum to the importance of optional additional services. “The contract is then processed in real time and without signature.”


PS. Optisure plans to “offer all commercial insurance for more than 50 industries as fast as possible.”