Greater Than unveils its Enerfy Risk Portfolio Tracker

Greater Than , the AI InsurTech company, is now offering its analysis tool Enerfy Risk Portfolio Tracker as a stand-alone product that provides real-time, predictive risk insight for each policy, on any customer base.

The Enerfy Risk Portfolio Tracker is taking underwriting from being based in the history of a group to the future cost of an individual – data used for optimized and dynamic premiums, smarter customer retention and new conversion. Enerfy Risk Portfolio Tracker ensures pricing new and old risk is done in the most effective way to improve bottom-line performance.

“The Enerfy Risk Portfolio Tracker is a true game-changer and a strong value adder for insurers, as it empowers underwriters, actuaries, pricing analysts and product managers, to offer extended values of current and new offerings, at a far lower cost.” – Greater Than CEO, Liselott Johansson.

Greater Than Enerfy Risk Portfolio Tracker is unveiling unbiased predictive risk data in real-time on any motorbook and can conveniently be used on any customer base without any IT integration. Applied, it’s a powerful tool supporting predictive claims cost control, dynamic customer segmentation, and extending to granular differentiation among individual risks within various segments.