Zurich and Onto to gain risk insight on electric fleets

Stockholm-based and AI-based risk intelligence and connected car service provider Greater Than is collaborating with Zurich through an agreement with Onto , the UK’s largest all-inclusive electric car subscription service. Through the collaboration, Onto and Zurich obtain predictive risk data, facilitating their joint mission to improve road safety and enable dynamic insurance solutions.

Onto’s entire EV fleet is now connected to Greater Than’s Enerfy AI Risk Portfolio Tracker. At this first stage, the risk-insight will be used by Zurich and Onto to get a better understanding of the fleet’s risk – a springboard which enables the future launch of customer-centric features, such us a loyalty program and rewards.

“This partnership further cements our commitment to being a transparent, dynamic and agile insurance partner – always putting road safety and accident prevention centre stage. We continue to collaborate with Greater Than to advance these goals, as their platform provides shared access to unique risk data, both to us and our customers.” – Darren Stoddart, Senior Fleet Underwriter at Zurich.

“We are keen to leverage new technology to understand our customer base better with an eye to developing new tailored solutions. The risk and pricing data we have access to contains various opportunities for new fun offerings, all the while increasing every customer’s safety.” – Paul Sykes, Head of Maintenance & Procurement at Onto.

The EV fleet sends driving data to the Enerfy AI via existing hardware in the cars, transforming every trip’s driving data into value added for Onto and Zurich.”We are thrilled to further expand our partnership with Zurich through the collaboration with the cutting-edge company Onto. We’re looking forward to offering our high-yield risk platform and optimize the fleet for new business opportunities promoting a safer and cleaner road environment.” – Johanna Forseke, CBO at Greater Than.