ABAX launches insurance offering in Norway

After launching Fair Car Insurance in Sweden last November, European telematics company ABAX is bringing its coverage to Norway.

Fair leverages “extensive analysis and data” to optimize “the most equitable insurance premiums” for company vehicle fleets. ABAX says that its customers in Norway have over 200k connected vehicles.

Fair utilizes predictive risk insights generated in collaboration with Greater Than. On the insurance side, Fair has partnered with Eir, which provides embedded insurance solutions for distributors.

“Fair was founded on the idea that car insurance can be significantly improved! Thanks to our data-driven insights, we can create tailored offers for all our potential customers. We calculate insurance premiums based on actual car usage, and from our launch in Sweden, we’ve seen substantial savings for our new insurance customers.” – Jørgen Johansson Skalleberg, CEO of Fair Insurance.

“The launch of Fair exemplifies how we can use relevant mobility data to accelerate business development while providing great value to customers. The unique aspect of Fair is that customers can continuously influence their risk and insurance costs. This is part of our strategy to offer value-driven services based on actual data in the future.” – Emma Dyga, CEO of the ABAX group.