Getsafe Expands to Legal Insurance

Getsafe has announced its expansion to legal protection.



“Customers who buy insurance for the first time today are people with a digital affinity who are used to accessing information within a few seconds. Long waiting times and complicated communication with the insurer are no longer appropriate for this target group .” – Getsafe cofounder and CEO Christian Wiens.

Established in 2015, Getsafe bundles all information related to personal insurance coverage via a single app that can be used to report claims and update personal and payment info.

The basic legal insurance coverage starts at €17.79/month and includes coverage for disputes at the workplace, disputes in the event of traffic accidents or the assertion of claims for damages. There is no fixed contract term; customers can cancel the insurance on a daily basis.

Get a feel for its UI below:


“In the coming months, Getsafe will launch household insurance and theft protection for bicycles. From 2020, the company plans to offer fully digital life insurance.” – Wiens.