Getsafe Claims: Then, Now & Next

Then. When Getsafe , a German digital neo-insurance provider, first launched back in 2015, its claims process was largely manual. The consequence was that their customers had to wait up to a month or more to receive their money.

Now. Today, Getsafe customers can file a claim 24/7 by chatting with their AI assistant Carla that can easily guide the customer through the claims process thanks to robust claims categorization data. This reduces the average claims handling time to 3 days on average. In addition, its dental protection customers enjoy an even smarter and shorter claims journey as they only need to upload a photo of their invoice for it to be validated automatically.  And with > 2,500 claims processed, Getsafe can confidently say that a user’s claim is Getsafe’s gain as its Net Promoter Score (NPS) increases by 45.2% to 61 for a member that filed a claim (vs. 42 for users without claims experience):

Next.  “We already have many more ideas for automatic validation and smart algorithms. We will gradually establish these applications.” – Getsafe COO Alexander Grimm.