Get Covered With Blu

Meet BluCanopy :

Think: A renters insurance solution with a giveback component introduced by LMC Insurance in collaboration with Nationwide. BluCanopy is available in 37 states going on 47 states by the end of 2019 and will make an annual donation to Nationwide Children’s Hospital based on the income LMC generates as a result of the BluCanopy site.

Get a feel for the flow below:

“Why did we start BluCanopy? We believe in change, the way we as consumers have been buying insurance for years needed an upgrade. To often insurance is regarded as a nuisance and in some cases it is lets be honest. But what if we could make a difference, what if we could change a life by the simple act of buying an insurance policy. Here a BluCanopy a portion of every dollar sold will be donated to Nationwide Children’s Hospital, together we can make a difference!”

Bottom Line: Not quite checking the boxes of ‘the 5 elements of modern insurance.’