Germany’s Cyber ​​Security Club

Perseus, the Berlin-based digital service platform for cyber security targeting SMEs, is offering companies the option to join its cyber security club.



Companies can join the club starting at €49 per month and enjoy two main services: (1) employee training and (2) 24/7 customer hotline, routine technical assistance as well as immediate technical assistance. Perseus believes that most risk exposures come from small things that employees do incorrectly, and this is why they focus on prevention – offering training via explanatory videos. Although insurance coverage is not included, Perseus will help club members find a cyber policy that fits their specific needs.


Get a feel for its flow below:



“Throwing security products into your organization is not the answer. Businesses need to understand their cyber security exposure and be prepared in case of a breach. We not only provide training to prevent a breach, but also a cyber security incident management support in case a breach does happen. SMEs need a partner in emergency situations” – Perseus cofounder, Sven Weizenegger.


Bottom Line: a FinLeap company that’s on a mission to make Germany a more cyber secure place.