finleap invests in deineStudienfinanzierung


European fintech company builder finleap has invested in deineStudienfinanzierung that offers a platform to aggregate student financing products.

“We are very pleased to welcome deineStudienfinanzierung to the finleap ecosystem. An exciting company that has convinced us with its unique product and target group. Going to university is often the first moment when young adults become more involved with finance. This is where the course is set for the future handling of financial products. The current youngest generation, also known as Generation Z, is already one of the largest consumer groups. Those who understand how it ticks will be a decisive game-changer in the financial industry. deineStudienfinanzierung knows exactly how to address this group and what it needs. After their studies are finished, the customer will not disappear but will need further offers. Such a financial platform can build on this in the future” – Dr. Florian Resatsch, Chief Build Officer of finleap.

According to the CampusBarometer survey conducted by the German Education Authority, almost 80% of students in Germany need one of these forms of financing each year in order to complete their studies. The demand for the highest level of education has become increasingly important in recent years.

“There is enormous pressure on students at various points, such as performance pressure, time pressure, and, as a result, high financial pressure. These are jobs that students have used to finance parts of their lives. Through our offers, everyone gets the opportunity to concentrate fully on their studies. We take away the insecurity of young people and support them in achieving the best possible performance. A contribution to a good education also strengthens the future of the economy in the long run.” – Bastian Krautwald, Founder and CEO of deineStudienfinanzierung.