Foresight launches its 1/1 Mega Giveaway for appointed retail brokers

Every workers compensation policy bound effective 1/1/2021 with Foresight gets appointed retail brokers one ticket into the grand prize raffle.

Foresight recently announced its 1/1 Mega Giveaway. All appointed Foresight retail agents are eligible to participate in the giveaway, running now through December 15th, 2020. Grand prize winners will be selected at random through a raffle drawing, to be announced on January 5, 2021. Winners will be contacted directly by Foresight the same day to claim their prize.

To participate, appointed retail agents submit risks directly through the Foresight website. Foresight wraps its proprietary risk management technology into every policy, allowing it to maintain a strong appetite for hundreds of class codes across the construction, trades, manufacturing, light industrial, logistics, and agriculture verticals.

For every five new business quotes issued by Foresight, effective 1/1/2021, appointed retail brokers will receive a $250 Amazon Voucher. Every policy bound effective 1/1/2021 with Foresight gets the broker one ticket into the raffle for one of the following grand prizes:

  • 1st Prize: 2-Night Stay in a Deluxe Room at the Ritz Santa Barbara 
  • 2nd Prize: 11-inch iPad Pro ($799) + Series 6 Apple Watch ($399)
  • 3rd Prize: Series 6 Apple Watch ($399)

“It’s a very exciting time at Foresight, and we’re thrilled to be running this contest to give our valued brokers an opportunity to win some great prizes,” says Christine Garza, VP Business Development at Foresight. “Not only will we get to send one lucky broker on a trip, but we will be able to serve more businesses with our technology-first workers compensation program, streamlining risk management across the industry.”

To enter for a chance to win, appointed retail brokers can begin submitting risks to be eligible for the 1/1 Mega Giveaway today. More information, including all giveaway rules and prize details, can be found on the giveaway page.

Want to get appointed? Foresight is now appointing broker partners specializing in middle-market blue-collar and agriculture business in Texas, California, Arizona, New Mexico, Louisiana, Arkansas, Nevada, and Oklahoma. 

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