Farmers Pioneers VR Training Program for Claims Reps

Farmers Insurance announced the deployment of a virtual reality (VR) program to help train claims representatives for home damage assessments. Trainees can navigate through an intuitive gamified learning course with more than 500 realistic damage combinations and scenarios.


“At Farmers, we see virtual reality as a way to enhance and complement our current training process . Technology has gotten to a point where we can better prepare our claims representatives for real-world scenarios before they actually deploy into the field, equipping them to deliver an even better experience for our customers” – Keith Daly, chief claims officer for Farmers Insurance.


Farmers trains nearly 300 property claims representatives annually, a process that traditionally starts in a classroom environment followed by three weeks of study at the University of Farmers in Agoura Hills, California. The implementation of the new VR training program will provide Farmers an endless, mobile platform that changes how the organization goes about learning, from initial training of beginners to continual learning for more experienced claims representatives.


“The realistic and engaging experience can help better prepare our claims representatives for real-world scenarios. An experienced team of property claims employees helped to ensure the VR training met the technical and experiential needs of our claims representatives” – Keith Daly.


The VR training module currently features randomized house generation; over 500 damage combinations; difficulty settings for new and experienced claims representatives; a high-level of interactivity that includes the option to walk around the house, move small objects, open cabinets and more; and instant replays for trainees to record and review their sessions for continual learning.


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