DataRobot Announces $67.18M in Series C


Boston-based machine-learning software company DataRobot has raised $67.18M in Series C bringing its total funding to date to $124.6M. The company, established in 2012 by Tom DeGodoy and Jeremy Achin, offers a machine learning automation platform geared towards enterprises that makes it easier for analysts of any skill level to quickly build and deploy accurate predictive models. DataRobot has also recently unveiled new features specifically for the insurance market. “Today, DataRobot solves predictive modeling problems across all core functions in an insurance company. That by itself is a remarkable achievement. But what is really differentiating is the user-centric design of the product. DataRobot is a technology company founded and built by people from the insurance industry. We know that successful adoption of machine learning means engaging the users, regulators and consumers” – Satadru Sengupta, General Manager of Insurance at DataRobot.

Bottom Line: ‘Running‘ will not help you land a job at DataRobot, and that’s okay. Recall 2017 insurance-related investments here.