Direct Pojišťovna to launch car sales and repair service

Czech non-life insurer Direct Pojišťovna is launching its own car repair shops and car services in Prague. In addition, under the new brand Direct auto, it will also focus on selling new and used cars and offering service and repairs following an accident.

“We have 400,000 clients in the insurance company, that’s 400,000 stories of people who have some experience with us. But when we send them for service, they are often not satisfied. And yet it is a key moment of truth. We thought about how to influence this experience and make it much better. The easiest way was to make your services that will work on our values, be fair and bring clients exceptional experiences.” – Founder of Direct Pavel Řehák.

The first dealership that Direct bought is Autotrio Praha in Modřany.

“In the coming months, we will get to know each other and set up a new way of working. We have to get closer to the culture and values ​​of Direct, because the goal is not to build another car service in a row, but to create an exceptional place where you will love to drive and you will be happy to entrust your car into our hands.” – Petr Lehký, who is in charge of Direct and has previously managed sales at Škoda Auto. In the future, the company plans to offer a specialized service for Škoda electric and hybrid vehicles in Prague.

Direct Pojišťovna has embraced a ‘beyond insurance’ strategy for some time now. In 2013, it introduced Direct Fidoo , an expense-management software for companies where users can pay for expenses using a credit card and take a picture of the receipt using their smartphone. The expense is approved directly in the app by a manager and is automatically posted to the company’s accounting system. In the event of business trips, expenses for meals, advance payments for accommodation or air tickets, and fares will also be included in the bill. The application then automatically calculates everything and transfers the data directly to the accounting software.

Bottom Line: “Availability and personal approach” will be what sets Direct Pojišťovna apart from the competition.