Baloise launches parking startup Parcandi

Swiss insurer Baloise announced the launch of Parcandi , a service for users to reserve parking spaces on demand. “On the one hand, there are hundreds of thousands of empty parking spaces for residential and commercial properties in Switzerland alone – on the other hand, drivers often spend a long time circling in vain looking for a free parking space.”

The startup emerged from within the insurer and is led by Corsin Sulser, who was previously the New Business Manager at Baloise.

“We are very proud to expand our ecosystem with the offer of our spin-off Parcandi and to offer customers real added value. Parking of the future should be easy and convenient – which exactly fits our” Simply Safe “strategy The risk of accidents due to the sometimes nerve-wracking search for a parking space is also reduced.” –  Patrick Wirth, Head of Ecosystem Mobility at the Baloise Group.

With Parcandi, drivers can reserve their desired parking space up to two hours in advance or park spontaneously – for as long as they want. Payment is made online by credit card. The service can also be booked via the app of Touring Club Schweiz.

“Parcandi creates a win-win situation for those looking for a parking space as well as for the parking lot owners, who can use their space efficiently. The targeted approach to the parking garage also eliminates search traffic, which is particularly noticeable in residential areas.” – Parcandi CEO Corsin Sulser.

Rings a bell? It should, because for a while now, insurers have been eyeing the mobility sector . Recently, we’ve covered Porto Seguro’s 50% acquisition of ConectCar with its plans to introduce the toll and parking tag company to its user base of auto insurance policyholders and create a more meaningful fintech ecosystem. And we’ve also covered how Sompo plans to leverage its network of agencies and car insurance data to help expand Akippa’s parking space reservation services. More in-depth analysis can be found in our research reports Policies & Perks: Leveraging the Neutral Nature of Insurance and Above & Beyond Insurance.