Baloise invests in Tronity

Baloise has invested in TRONITY, a German startup offering a solution for EV owners.

Founded in 2020, Tronity gives electric vehicle owners information and insights about the costs associated with their vehicles as well as related services. The platform, which is available in Germany, allows owners to register their vehicles without the need of any hardware to later see trip information and charging data. One of the benefits of the platform is the opportunity to compare the performance of one car maker with another.

The service is offered via two subscription packages: Tronity Premium (€4.99 per vehicle/mo) and Tronity Professional (€8.99 per vehicle/mo), and users can access the platform through the website and app. Tronity has also created the Tronity Community, an online forum which counts 25k+ members.

“Electric vehicles open up a whole host of opportunities that are not possible with a conventional means of transport, such as using energy from the vehicle owner’s own solar panels, making the car part of a decentralized electricity storage system, and trading greenhouse gas reduction quotas (GHG quotas). The business model creates genuine added value for us as an insurance company and for our portfolio companies.” – Patrick Wirth, head of the Mobility Unit at Baloise.