Policies & Perks: Leveraging the neutral nature of insurance

As we were adding the finishing touches to this report, RBC (Royal Bank of Canada) announced yesterday that it will provide its credit cardholders a complimentary DashPass subscription for up to 12 months where customers receive $0 delivery fees and reduced service fees on eligible orders, plus other perks at participating stores when they order on-demand delivery and pickup from restaurants across Canada.

Clearly, perks play a big role in both acquisition and retention strategies. This report examines the different perks (also referred to as value-added services) that insurance companies have been offering and presents a few concepts and ideas for those of you looking to further implement this strategy.

Covered: Functional insurance is modern insurance, Kakau, HomeFlix, wellness initiatives, estate planning as a value-added service, the behind-the-scenes story of the acquisition of Everplans, Sheltr v. Hippo Home Care, Jewelers Mutual v. Progressive, local perks, and Cadbury chocolates; because it’s always Insurance Under the Influence®.