Baloise backs KUNO

Baloise announced its minority investment in KUNO , a Berlin-based startup that operates in the intersection of finance, accounting and HR.

The startup is a one-stop-shop offering a full range of back-office management services, including finance and accounting, compliance and reporting, HR management, and payroll. It was founded in January 2021 with the help of fintech investor finleap.

“We are very excited about the scope for synergies with Baloise’s ecosystems and are confident that our services can help the Baloise community in the German market to get ahead. Start-ups can focus on their core business while we take care of the rest.” –  Katharina Jung, founder and CEO of KUNO.

“Our intention behind the investment in KUNO is to strengthen our holistic approach to ecosystems. We are building an overarching system for partners and companies that enables businesses to support one another in order to be more successful. For instance, companies can provide services to each other or develop comprehensive solutions together that improve the long-term retention of customers in our ecosystem. This generates added value for everyone involved.” – Patrick Wirth, Head of the Mobility ecosystem at Baloise.

Speaking of finleap, it has sold its minority stake in financeAds International to verticalAds Group “in a profitable exit” on May 11 after six years of successful cooperation.

Bottom Line: Orchid B comes to mind.