Astra Life partners with Traveloka

Astra Life has launched an online life insurance product together with travel insurance player Traveloka in Indonesia.

Astra Life maintains its e-commerce site and its Buddies referral app in Indonesia. Its end to end digital insurance experience includes: e-Quotation, e-Submission, e-Payment, e-Policy, and e-Claim, which are available both on Astra Life’s digital distribution channels, and for partners businesses via API.

“Digital end to end experience has enabled Astra Life to develop various digital-based distribution channels. Our infrastructure is very ready to be connected to the system owned by partners to provide a seamless customer experience.” – President Director of Astra Life, Auddie Wiranata.

Now, with Traveloka, Astra Life has launched four life insurance packages that can be purchased directly within the app: Life Basic package, Accident Basic package, Life and Accident Package, and Life and Accident Plus package.

Consumers can make a purchase through the Traveloka application; medical checks aren’t required. “The premiums offered are also very affordable, starting from IDR 124,250 ($8.84) per year with a one-year protection period.”


“This collaboration is a form of Traveloka’s commitment to provide meaningful experiences and lifestyles for users through life protection at affordable prices and an easy purchasing process. In addition, we hope that this collaboration between Traveloka and Astra Life will further increase the awareness of the Indonesian people on the importance of insurance, and through technology, we want to facilitate the Indonesian people to get comprehensive protection.” – Yady Guitana, SVP of Insurance and Partnership, Traveloka.

“This collaboration with Traveloka is one of our commitments in advancing insurance inclusion while strengthening its position as a digital-based life insurance company in Indonesia. This collaboration also strengthens our marketing strategy to educate the importance of life insurance products so that they can bring insurance to the products sought by the public. We hope that the products Astra Life and Traveloka present can answer the needs of the community for life insurance products in the digitalization era. ” – Auddie.

Going forward, Astra Life sees that this digital insurance will be the next wave in the life insurance industry in Indonesia which has demographic characteristics that are dominated by millennials and low life insurance penetration.

Bottom Line: The rise in unicorns selling insurance.