Astra Life partners with HaloDoc

Astra Life has partnered with Halodoc to provide telemedicine services for group life insurance participants.

This service can be used by Astra Life group life insurance participants who have outpatient benefits to get a doctor’s consultation anytime and anywhere without the need to come to the hospital, only through the Halodoc application which has been integrated with the Astra Life system. Halodoc currently has more than 20,000 doctors and specialists who can provide online consultations. In addition, participants can also directly get drugs according to prescription drug recommendations from doctors in the Halodoc application. Participants do not need to bother going to the pharmacy, because the medicine can be sent immediately to the participant’s address from the nearest pharmacy and is cashless .

“We understand the difficulties experienced by Astra Life group life insurance participants as a result of this pandemic, especially to get medical services, for that we are collaborating with Halodoc to provide telemedicine services  and urge participants to use this facility if they experience medical complaints. Currently, telemedicine  can be an alternative for participants to keep getting medical solutions from professionals safely and easily. This facility is a form of Astra Life’s commitment to serving participants, especially in the pandemic era where a sense of security is a basic need to be able to live life in peace, especially in uncertain conditions like today.” – Windawati Tjahjadi – President Director of Astra Life.