AmTrust Mobile Solutions is now bolttech

AmTrust Mobile Solutions Singapore has rebranded its business to bolttech, following its acquisition by Asia-based private investment group Pacific Century Group (PCG). bolttech which launched earlier this year is currently present in 11 markets: Hong Kong, Indonesia, India, Italy, Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand, Vietnam and the US. It primarily operates in the warranty space and reaches “more than five million effective customers and over 500,000 new customers per month.”

The bolttech proposition brings together four key capabilities; device protection, digital brokerage, technology services and digital general insurance.

  • Device protection – a B2B2C device protection service in which bolttech partners with telcos, retailers, device manufacturers, digital platforms and financing companies to offer features such as repair, device upgrade or trade-in, protection and financing.
  • Digital Brokerage – access to bolttech’s platform to extend agents’ reach or to offer products beyond their license.

  • Technology Services – as it sounds.
  • Insurance – bolttech has joined forces with FWD, its sister brand, to create “the next generation of insurance and protection products, making it easy to embed these products naturally into the customer journey.”

Finally, the rebranding of AmTrust Mobile in India will follow later this year.

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