Ameritas retirement plans launches GoalWise

The retirement plans division of Ameritas Life Insurance Corp. announced a digital, interactive retirement savings and financial wellness platform, GoalWise, to manage the end-to-end retirement savings journey. GoalWise offers a personalized, goal-based gamification experience for participants and insightful, targeted, event-driven communications and data trending for financial professionals and sponsors to better ensure a funded retirement. GoalWise is designed to engage key stakeholders in a digitally driven application to promote financial literacy, wellness and higher savings rates through interactive education and guidance.

Ameritas retirement plans partnered with iJoin to deliver the solution with single sign on capabilities providing a cafeteria-style approach to offering multiple managed account solutions, draw down strategies and voluntary benefits including emergency savings accounts to retirement plan participants. GoalWise will expand to offer financial literacy support services including budgeting, debt management, other savings tools and protection products wrapped in a holistic financial wellness approach.

“We are committed to helping Americans achieve a funded retirement, reduce financial stress and live healthier lives. GoalWise brings an entire suite of services and products that help people save and retire in a manner that meets participants where they want, on their schedule with digital or human interaction. The integrated, technology stack offers solutions that can be scaled while remaining flexible to meet future market demand with competitive pricing particularly down market.” – Jim Kais, executive vice president, retirement plans, at Ameritas.

“We’re excited to partner with Ameritas retirement plans to support the important role financial professionals play in driving plan performance and, ultimately, plan success. We have a shared focus on evolving a goal-based participant experience that makes engagement more natural and likely to produce better outcomes.” – Steve McCoy, iJoin’s chief executive officer.