Allstate’s Answer to Lemonade’s $5 Renters Insurance

On May 8, Allstate uploaded to YouTube the following video:




The new marketing initiative is centered “around” $4 a month renters insurance when bundled with auto insurance. Viewers are redirected to this landing page to learn more about the coverage and obtain a quote.



I obtained a technical error:




// The article has been updated on June 11 to include a response from Allstate:

  • We acknowledge that our Renters online quoting platform was experiencing technical issues for New York customers; however, those issues have been resolved. 
  • Renters insurance is just one of several Allstate products that ensures our customers are fully protected.
  • Given that one out of every three US household rent, Allstate firmly believes in the value and importance of Renters insurance.
  • As we approach warmer temperatures and peak moving season, Allstate recently launched an all-new animated Renters social media campaign.  The campaign personifies common renters’ possessions to show that “Your stuff can’t protect itself, but you can.”


….Worked like a charm, the second time around: