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Lemonade Partners With Moved

Lemonade has partnered with Moved, a NY-based startup that offers a free personal assistant for people who move.   Our goal is to make your move stress free. Here’s how….

SoftBank Looks to Invest in wefox

According to Reuters, wefox is close to settling a new “triple-digit million” euro funding round, with Lemonade-backer SoftBank as one of the potential investors.   We recently reported that wefox is…

You Deserve The Best

Deserve, the Menlo Park-based company that helps international students, millennials and Gen Z’s gain access to credit, is now featuring Lemonade as one of its credit card perks, alongside Amazon…

The Nachahmer

  In season 1 episode 6 of Ugly Delicious, chef David Chang explores Nashville’s hot fried chicken scene. The show features two popular fried chicken spots: Bolton’s Spicy Chicken &…

Why Stop at ONE? A Look at Chatbot/Charity Schemes

A look at new insurance schemes that are part chatbot and part charity-slash-giveback.   1. eColon  The Buenos Aires-based digital insurer of Colón offers motorcycle insurance via a chatbot called Julieta….

Money Clicks

CNN Money mentioning our auto insurance leads report gave me the urge to check what’s new in leadland. And so I did.     The Chubb-Kelly Klee Logo I probably missed…

Introducing The Rhino API

Last week, NYC-based security deposit alternative introduced its API.   “Over the course of the two years we’ve been building Rhino, we’ve met with numerous listings platforms, brokerage firms, property…

“My Lemonade Insurance Quote Analysis of my Home is Extremely Encouraging”

My Lemonade insurance quote analysis of my home is extremely encouraging… Posted by Jarrett Lennon Kaufman on Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Allstate’s Answer to Lemonade’s $5 Renters Insurance

On May 8, Allstate uploaded to YouTube the following video:       The new marketing initiative is centered “around” $4 a month renters insurance when bundled with auto insurance….

The No BO/BS Story

Late last year I covered . Back then the NYC-based startup offered a cross-selling platform and enjoyed the partnership of P&C insurer Hanover and online guitar shop Distortion Brothers. Basically, the…

The Race to The Bottom: AAA -1, Lemonade +1

Roomi Partners With Lemonade to Offer Renters Insurance

Roomi, a P2P marketplace for room rentals, sublets and roommates, recently announced a partnership with Lemonade to offer renters insurance.     “Lemonade’s ability to make renters insurance so simple is exactly what the Roomi…

Dan Ariely Wants to Show You His Bathroom

Yesterday, Lemonade’s Chief Behavioral Officer Dan Ariely posted the following video on Facebook regarding his damaged bathroom. Bottom Line: waiting for Lemonade to be available in North Carolina!   Frustrated with my Insurance This…

Lemonade v. Travelers

Does anyone have any experience with Lemonade Insurance? Their rates are much more competitive than Travelers, but since they are a new company I’m looking for any feedback on them….

Lemonade, Now in Pennsylvania

Lemonade is now available in 10 states after going live in Pennsylvania .     Did You Know? Based on the 2016 NAIC Market Share Report, State Farm Group is the…

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