Zurich streamlines auto claims process

Continuing its commitment to driving innovation to improve the customer experience, Zurich Canada has launched a new virtual appraisal tool to help customers more quickly resolve auto physical damage (APD) claims on vehicles they own for use by their employees.

Developed by Chicago-based Snapsheet, this appraisal solution uses customer submitted photos to provide experienced Snapsheet appraisers with a view of visible damage to any customer-owned vehicle that has been involved in a traffic accident. Photos can also be submitted by owners of any third-party vehicles for which the customer may be liable due to the accident.

Once the photos are received, the appraisers generate an approved Zurich Canada repair estimate within a matter of a few hours. Without the need for an in-person appraisal, time spent navigating the claims process can be cut significantly. Outcomes will vary according to the specifics of each claim, but Zurich estimates the use of this tool can cut what would be a 10- to 15-day cycle using traditional appraisal methods to just two to three days .

This platform is already in use, helping Zurich Canada customers get their vehicles back on the road sooner. Beyond the benefits for customers, it’s expected to result in better outcomes for distributors and Zurich’s own operations. Snapsheet’s virtual appraisal and digital documentation capabilities were a perfect fit with Zurich’s ongoing work to deploy faster, more user-friendly products to simplify and improve interactions with customers.