Blink Parametric partners with Zurich Canada

Blink Parametric is partnering with Zurich Canada. As part of the partnership, flight delay insurance via Blink’s parametric platform will be provided to Zurich Canada policyholders.

Once a traveler registers their flight details, Blink monitors that flight in real-time. Any flight disruption that occurs to the registered flight such as delay or cancellation, automatically results in a traveler being notified instantly and offered service choices within their policy terms.

“This announcement with Zurich Canada is hugely important to us and to the market we serve. It is certainly the time for a data-led real-time parametric solution to become the norm for resolving the ongoing disruptions faced by the traveling public caused by Covid. Zurich Canada and Blink Parametric’s solution restores confidence and trust with consumers concerned about future travel risks should they be faced with similar events, as we all learn to live with Covid-19.” – Sid Mouncey, CEO of Blink Parametric.

“Our alliance with Blink Parametric adds a truly novel protection. We are now offering a seamless service to assist stranded or delayed travelers by providing them with service options on their phone in real time to help make things a little easier. Our newly branded “Zurich Flight Assistance” service will be offered through Zurich Canada brokers to travel suppliers and, ultimately, to consumers, and we have every expectation that it will be transformative by offering the right assistance at the right time to anyone who experiences the inconvenience of flight disruption.” – Sanjeewa Goonetilleke, AVP, Travel Insurance, for Zurich Canada.