Assurant Japan launches parametric travel insurance

Assurant Japan has partnered with flight interruption insurance solutions provider Blink Parametric to launch parametric travel insurance technology in Japan.

The parametric overseas travel solution is a solution for disruption during overseas travel using air flights that applies this parametric insurance solution. With this solution, preset trigger events such as “delay”, “cancellation”, and “lost” are generated, targeting “flight delay/cancellation” and “baggage delay/loss”, which are typical troubles in overseas travel. It will be possible to provide various support “on the spot and immediately” to travelers who have subscribed to the service.

Features include ‘quickly’ detecting flight delays and cancellations and immediately notifying the customer’s smartphone or mobile device. Customers who receive the notification can immediately use support services according to the contract at the time of subscription, such as using the lounge and receiving consolation money, ‘simply’ by tapping the screen on the spot. This solution is also provided as an embedded type. It can be ‘seamlessly’ incorporated into the company’s platform or portal and added to existing services to provide new value to customers.

“I am very pleased to be able to introduce a groundbreaking parametric solution in the field of travel insurance. We will use the latest technology to provide optimal solutions required by society without borders, and support our customers. Our philosophy is to expand our business and create a better future.We hope that this solution will add new value to the services of various partner companies and contribute to the provision of a better customer experience.” – Junichi Fujimoto, President of Assurant Japan K.K.