Zurich Seguros offers IoT devices to select business clients

Zurich Seguros (Spain) announced it is offering a preventive service to retail companies to help them detect water and electrical damage.

The initiative is centered on an autonomous device connected 24/7 that is located at the customer’s premises so it can monitor and alert when an accident occurs. “All you have to do is install it in your office, bar or restaurant following the instructions and download an application. The small device automatically connects to the Internet with its own hardware and starts transmitting data. The customer then begins to receive notifications on his mobile phone alerting of the risks detected in order to act accordingly. The IoT device does not require maintenance.”

The service is available for new business owners operating a restaurant or an office.

“70% of SMEs suffer at least one accident per year that can cause temporary or permanent cessation of their activity. With the application of IoT, we turn the insurance business for companies and move forward in our strategy of digital transformation and customer focus.” – Stefano de Liguoro, Director of Digital Business at Zurich Seguros.

Bottom Line: A case of coverage over content as this offering isn’t conveyed online to prospects and Zurich didn’t respond to our request for additional information.