Zurich Seguros introduces new brand identity

Zurich Seguros has presented its new global brand image, a change of identity with which the insurance company wants to get closer to its clients and collaborators.

This change of image puts people at the center, projecting the protection and well-being of its clients from an optimistic, collaborative and fresh vision. To achieve this, the Zurich color palette evolved “to make them more inclusive and reflect the plurality of lifestyles that make up today’s society.” In addition, the language and tone of the brand become closer and foster connection and dialogue with different audiences, so that their needs are better understood.

We have been taking care of people for more than 150 years . However, people evolve, the world evolves and the Zurich brand has to too. Our new image allows us to reflect the Zurich that we want to be and that together we are making a reality with our experiences and actions, not only with words.” – Silvia Heras, Client Director in Spain and Europe at Zurich Seguros.

The new brand wants to reflect the changes that have occurred in the insurance sector in recent years, due to phenomena such as digital transformation and the emergence of fintech companies. In this sense, Zurich’s branding also wants to make it more recognizable to the general public and help the company better connect with growing segments such as Millennials or Generation Z.

In Europe, Zurich is ranked 56th among the most valued brands and the company also ranks 11th in the ranking of the most valued brands in the insurance industry.