Zurich Launches Klinc

Zurich Spain has launched today Klinc, its new digital brand that offers on-demand insurance.

“With Klinc, Zurich reaches a new type of customer and offers a totally different user experience to what has been its relationship with an insurance company. This new generation of insurance allows the user to take control over their policies and manage them directly through their mobile. The Klinc app also chooses what we want to insure and the form of payment, and accesses the options to open a claim and track its status until it is resolved.”

Klinc currently offers insurance that can be turned on and off for mobile phones, tablets and laptops from a catalog of over 2,000 products, with plans to expand into other categories such as auto and home. Get a feel for the flow below:

“Klinc marks a milestone for both the sector and Zurich, as it begins with the assurance of articles that are increasingly relevant to the client, but in a second phase will address the more traditional insurances, aligned with the evolution of society and models of collaborative economy.” – CEO of Zurich Spain, Vicente Cancio.