Zurich Klinc expands to France

Zurich Seguros announced the launch of Klinc in France. Launched two years ago in Spain, Klinc offers product and life insurance; primarily geared towards millennials. For starters, Zurich Klinc in France will offer device protection with plans to expand to personal mobility and life insurance over time.

According to Zurich, the decision to expand to France is based on various studies that suggest the French are aware of product protection and that 72% will consider purchasing this coverage.

“We are proud to consolidate Zurich Klinc as the laboratory that generates and implements digital transformation initiatives for Grupo Zurich. It is exciting that this project has been led from Spain and is now being exported to other European markets. Zurich Klinc is a good reflection of how we understand the future of insurance in our company and, once again, manages to place us at the forefront of the sector in innovation.” – Stefano de Liguoro, Director of Digital Business at Zurich Seguros in Spain.

Finally, Zurich Klinc is a team of over 50 people.