Zurich Germany to help customers identify potential water damage

Zurich in Germany has partnered with GROHE to offer select residential building customers a GROHE Sense Guard water control installed free of charge. The technology measures the water flow rate and pressure as well as the system temperature on a regular basis and detects when water escapes irregularly. Zurich also wants to check whether damages can be detected and repaired earlier using the new technology. With this project, Zurich is the first insurer in Germany to conduct a “significant” test field with a water security system. Keyword: test.

“As an insurer, we don’t want to be there for our customers only after a loss has occurred. Our goal is to increasingly protect them from damage with the help of intelligent systems. With GROHE Sense Guard, our customers have full control over the water situation in their home and can thus minimize costs and stress in advance in the event of possible water damage.” – Dr. Alexander Bernert, Head of Innovation & Market Management at Zurich Group Germany.

“In our test field, we first selected the customers with the highest probability of damage, but basically around 80 percent of our customers are interested in it – the cooperation therefore offers clear potential for a positive customer experience.” – Dr. Bernert.