Zurich introduces new app Planet Hero

In collaboration with IT service provider Adesso , Zurich Group Germany has launched Planet Hero in Germany. The app offers tips around sustainability and climate change. Users are given information on environmental and climate-related topics. The main purpose of the app is to provide valuable daily ideas and tips on how to better protect the environment by making small behavioral changes in everyday life .

In addition to being shown how to reduce their personal carbon footprint, users can collect “motivation points” in order to become a “Planet Hero”. For example, they are asked whether they avoided fruit with plastic packaging during their shopping trip, or whether they put up energy-saving LEDs with motion sensors on their house.

“The ‘Planet Hero’ app is your personal climate coach guiding you step by step to a more ecologically aware lifestyle. Adesso also supports customers such as Zurich along the entire value chain as part of its own sustainability strategy. As a forward-looking company, we are continuously optimizing our carbon footprint – with the goal of operating both sustainably and successfully as a business and offering our customers ‘green’ services in a credible manner.” – Stefan Riedel, Executive Board member at Adesso.