Zurich accelerates claims processing with new services

With the introduction of Zurich Video WhatsApp Claims, the company has significantly improved its claim processing efficiency .

Zurich has introduced new video and WhatsApp claim services, reducing claim processing times to an average of 13 minutes.

Hello Zurich

The video service, Hello Zurich, facilitates direct video calls between claims handlers and claimants.

WhatsApp Messaging

Zurich has also launched a WhatsApp messaging journey for property claims. This enables customers to share information instantly with images taken and stored on their mobile devices. There’s also the option to instantly copy documents via the camera app. This service has cut settlement times to an average of 13 minutes.

It’s worth noting that Zurich can automatically detect if a caller has WhatsApp before sending an instant message with the option to communicate via the app, eliminating the need to wait for a call handler to answer.

Future Expansion Plans

Plans are underway to expand these services to other insurance lines.

According to Mike Essam, Head of Express Claims at Zurich UK , customer feedback on the Hello Zurich and WhatsApp services has been positive. The use of video messaging technology since the pandemic has enhanced customer relations and improved the accuracy of damage assessments and claim settlements.

Nothing New Under the Sun

The adoption of messaging apps in customer service is not a novel concept. FedNat, for example, uses these apps to facilitate communication between claims staff, insureds, and providers within a single conversation. Peel Mutual has implemented two-way texting for their auto, home, and business claims teams. Similarly, Grange Insurance has introduced two-way texting, allowing claims associates and policyholders to communicate efficiently, including sending photos of car damage.

In the realm of customer service enhancement, SPLICE Software has been chosen by Mutual Benefit Group (MBG) to improve their claims process. MBG has incorporated SPLICE’s automated texting solution into its claims communication system, enabling tailored messages at 13 different stages of the claim process, as per SPLICE’s announcement. Additionally, Hi Marley is another technology firm active in this space.