Zubie receives investment from Decathlon Capital Partners

Telematics provider Zubie has received a “significant investment” from Decathlon Capital Partners as it expands its fleet-management platform and launches new service capabilities. Details of the multi-million-dollar funding package were not disclosed but it was structured as a revenue-based financing solution and Zubie will repay the investment through a portion of its future revenues.

Zubie, headquartered in Bloomington, Minnesota, provides a connected-car platform as well as GPS tracking and fleet-management software. The company’s Rental Connect product provides real-time fuel and odometer readings and it recently released Location Link, designed to assist in vehicle recovery efforts. Zubie also offers a forward-facing and in-cabin dashcam.

“As the car-rental business rebounds quickly from the effects of the pandemic, and as fleet operators continue to seek cost-effective tools to handle their complex responsibilities, Zubie has found strong acceptance for its forward-looking technology,” Caswell said. “With this investment, the company is well positioned to expand its product offerings and address new markets.” – Chad Caswell, the CEO of Zubie.

“The company has earned well-deserved recognition for its innovative technology and for its industry-focused management,” Borchers said. “Decathlon Capital Partners is pleased to play a role in Zubie’s continued success.” – John Borchers, managing director of Decathlon Capital Partners.