Zendrive’s partnership with Autio is live

In June, we covered the partnership between Zendrive and Autio, a location-based audio entertainment app that delivers travelers stories about the places they’re driving through.

As part of the partnership, Autio users will be able to opt into Autio Drive & Save, which is powered by Zendrive, using the Autio app. Users who decide to enroll in Zendrive’s telematics program will be able to submit their driving score for a “25-40% discount” on their car insurance. In addition, users who complete the test drive receive a 1-year subscription to Autio free of charge, with the first month unlocked upon enrolling in the program.

The partnership is now live, following an email sent by Autio to its user base.

The feature is also promoted in the Autio app via the ‘Account’ tab. Once users tap ‘Get Free Access,’ they are presented with the telematics program.