You Want ROI, You Got It.

At Ask Kodiak we often run into Carriers who make up mathematically questionable ROI objections to a software subscription to only then turn around and spend an order of magnitude more on an internal build of similar functionality.

Having just heard of a third carrier who is “delivering an appetite API to their agents” by building themselves, and who is late by at least a quarter we have a simple one-time proposition:

  1. Go sign up for the free trial at
  2. Email us the $ model for your project
  3. We’ll do a deal at 20% of your internal cost

Give your partners an API day one. A really good one that’s doing crazy high volumes, is battle tested, and is highly integrated in the industry. Move your dev teams to higher priority items. Cut 80% off the cost of your project.

Sound like your company? Ball is in your court.

-Team AK





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