Ask Kodiak + = Insurtech for Independent Agents

Hepburn and Tracy. Rocky and Bullwinkle. Dre and Snoop. And now, Ask Kodiak and Collaboratively, we’ve built Advantage Market Finder, which pairs leads on the platform with in-appetite products.

Here’s why we’re excited about this (and why you should be too):

  • and Ask Kodiak share a passion for getting insurtech in the hands of independent agents. What we really dig about Advantage Market Finder is that it sets the agent up with 1) a customer, and 2) one or more eligible products for that customer. Talk about being teed-up to close business…
  • This collaboration is yet another example of the power and flexibility of the Ask Kodiak API. Insurers are using it to publish their appetite to agency management systems, their own websites and apps, and now With well-designed interfaces and interoperability-by-design, all sorts of cool stuff happens.
  • The team at is laser focused on the success of the independent agency channel. If you’re not already familiar with them, this is a team of advocates, thought leaders, and technologists advancing the industry that you should get to know.

Market Finder rolls-out to Advantage agents starting Friday. Here’s to working together to make insurance a better place.

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