Yolo and FCA Bank to launch online insurance offers

Italian digital broker YOLO has signed an agreement with FCA Bank for the launch of a new online platform to support the digital offering of insurance products. The solution will allow for the sale of insurance policies through the digital channel and for managing customer relationship in the post-sale phase and conclusion of the loan.

The partnership provides for the sale of insurance products to the customers of FCA Bank and to those of the subsidiary Leasys and other companies in the FCA galaxy such as Mopar.

In particular, Leasys customers who decide to rent a car with the short or medium term rental service will have the opportunity to subscribe to a supplementary PAI policy to insure the driver from any accidents. Mopar will offer those who use its services the possibility of activating, by purchasing a complete winter wheel kit from the Dealer, a free “Tire Protection” insurance package for a period of three months.

“Creating solutions that enable the digital insurance offer is one of the key components of our business model. The innovative solutions designed with FCA Bank will be of great benefit to customers of the banking group in Italy. The partnership with FCA Bank is a source of great satisfaction for us and confirms the validity of the path that Yolo is taking.” – Gianluca De Cobelli, Co-founder and CEO of Yolo