YOLO acquires majority stake in Bartolozzi Assicurazioni

Italian insurance startup YOLO acquired a 51% stake in insurance agency Bartolozzi Assicurazioni to get closer to physical distribution.

Bartolozzi Assicurazioni will be able to leverage the technology and digital insurance solutions offered by Yolo Group to expand the commercial proposition conveyed through the physical network.

“Strategic operation in the phygital field that will allow us to support all intermediaries on the national territory, with native digital as well as traditional insurance solutions, for private customers and SMEs or corporate. From today, any insurance intermediary of our partner will have the ability to manage their business at 360 degrees, relying on a single interlocutor able to quickly respond to all new protection needs in a precise and timely manner.” – Marco Bartolozzi, CEO of Bartolozzi Assicurazioni.

“The growing drive towards digitalization has led professional intermediaries to revisit the commercial activity by integrating it with digital products and forms of proposal. Insurance distribution is evolving towards a combined approach between physical and digital channels (phygital) in line with what has already happened in other sectors, in addition to the financial one. Yolo Insurance Network – underlines De Cobelli – will allow us to position ourselves also in this new area without losing sight of the role of enabler in the market for the diffusion and development of the offer of so-called embedded digital policies, or proposals together with the offer of other goods / main services.” – Gianluca De Cobelli (in the photo), CEO and founder of YOLO.