What’s Your Favorite Thing About Lemonade?

Lemonade recently added a community tab to their website , which features stories from some of their members, who were asked a series of questions. One such question asked members to name their favorite thing about Lemonade. We gathered their answers below.


“It’s so usable and accessible” – Skye S

“How affordable it is!” – Lisa A 

“The affordability!” – Cordero D

“I was just blown away by how fast it is” – Chloe C

“How easy it was to sign up” – Andy K

“You’re taking something ordinary and thinking about it differently” – Jon C

“It felt like the millennial way to do insurance!” – Kelsey O

“It’s affordable, simple, and easy to set up” – Justin H

“It was surprisingly easy – I’m a sucker for really good UI” – Erin K

“The user experience was the best product experience I’ve ever had!” – Judy H

“Their mission. I love that they involve charities” – Kelly L

“It was so easy, I almost freaked out” – Lissette C

“You took something complicated and made it easy!” – Zach K

“It’s easy to use and simple to understand!” – Danielle G

“The price – when I first saw it, I thought it was too good to be true” – Peter B

“The speed! The sign up is so quick” – Val B

“How tech-forward it is” – Jonathan W

“The low price!” – Josh S 


Bottom Line: 95% selfish, 5% selfless.