Wejo delivers parking data with Mercedes-Benz

Mercedes-Benz Connectivity Services GmbH and Wejo have agreed to expand the partnership to new use cases in order to move the realization of a truly Smart City one step closer. The partnership brings access to parking event data into Wejo’s data environment to help others identify parking opportunities.

The live flow of anonymized vehicle data will stream approximately 10-14 million unique parking events daily from Mercedes-Benz vehicles in the EU.

The two companies have been partners since 2019.

“With more use cases to be worked together in the future, we are committed to creating long-term business value for the benefit of Smart City operators and end-consumers. We are very pleased to expand our partnership with Mercedes-Benz Connectivity Services in order to keep creating together smarter, more efficient and safer journeys for all.” – Benoit Joly, EVP Automotive & Mobility at Wejo.