Waze & Commutifi Partner to Track Sustainable Commuting

Social traffic and navigation app Waze has partnered with Commutifi to help carpoolers gauge their sustainability and savings against other modes of transportation (think: mass-transit, biking, and driving) because what doesn’t get tracked, doesn’t get improved.

Established in 2014, Commutifi generates a Commuter Score by analyzing the time, cost and energy efficiency of a commute against existing transportation and infrastructure in a specific area.

Commutifi aims to save commuters between 30% and 50% ($1,500 - $2,500) per year through its commuter marketplace, pre-tax benefits, and mode-shifting to alternate forms of commuting. And now, Waze Carpool is adding another way for Commutifi to achieve its goal of helping commuters.

“Waze Carpool’s friendly, easy-to-use interface paired with the Waze’s real-time traffic and navigation data will immediately enable 88% of Commutifi users to improve their Commuter Score scores by an average of 39%, and for those who drive and park, an average savings of $2,280 per year.” –  Commutifi cofounder and CEO Rich Schmelzer.