VouchForMe partners with Crossyn to serve fleet managers

Blockchain-based social proof of insurance platform VouchForMe has partnered with Crossyn Automotive  to make the insurability of fleets more affordable. According to the company, the addition of Crossyn’s telematics solution offers more possibilities to control risks and to provide fleets an appropriate premium.

Founded in 2016, Netherlands-based Crossyn is an Advanced Analytics Platform for insurers, fleets, dealer groups and universal workshops.

“Together we focus on hard-to-insure fleets, for example delivery services and taxi companies. We see that the average claim burden and insurance premiums are continuously rising and that there is little control over driving behaviour. With Crossyn we offer a solution that seamlessly meets the market needs – making premiums more affordable and to team up to get risks back in check.” – Jacob Westerlaken, CEO of VouchForMe.

“The fleet market is increasingly focussed on risk. Premiums are extremely high and become unaffordable. Therefore, the need for a solution to reduce risks is substantial. Together with VouchForMe, we offer hard-to-insure fleets a total solution to get back in control. We as Crossyn provide insight in driving behaviour with the ability to coach drivers and VouchForMe offers the social proof tool that builds on the community risk-sharing system. Together, with this strategic partnership, we provide an all-in-one solution to become in charge of the community again.” – Erik Kamps, CEO of Crossyn.

VouchForMe and Crossyn’s goal is to build up a good foundation in the Netherlands first, the next step is to onboard fleets across Europe.