Vouch uses Socotra’s cloud-based platform

San Francisco-based commercial insurance provider Vouch has partnered with Socotra to use its cloud-native insurance core platform.

“As an entrepreneur, I know from experience that speed-to-market is imperative to success. Early in our product development, we discovered that partnering with Socotra was the best option for us to complement some of the core systems work we were doing ourselves. This allowed us to not only create unique business insurance products, but launch them quickly and efficiently – which has helped us reach more founders and grow our footprint faster.” – Sam Hodges, CEO and cofounder of Vouch Insurance .

Socotra’s platform claims to be the insurance industry’s first cloud-native backend, and the first with open configuration and APIs empowering insurers to deploy powerful technology with their choice of engineering resources. Socotra makes it easy for insurance organizations of all sizes to quickly design and deploy new products to better serve their customers.

Bottom Line: In the company of Spire.