Nationwide’s Spire is powered by Socotra

Nationwide has chosen Socotra as the core system to power its new digital insurance platform, Spire℠. Spire  is Nationwide’s digital insurance platform designed to be a convenient and accessible way for millennials to secure insurance coverage using a mobile device.

“We’re always looking for opportunities to bring value to our customers. We’re excited to work with a forward-thinking company like Socotra, which is enabling Nationwide to create an insurance platform as innovative as Spire to better serve the next generation of consumers.” – Scott Sanchez, chief innovation officer at Nationwide.

Nationwide chose Socotra for Spire because it is the only core system that enables the fastest timelines on deployment and is the most cost-efficient solution to launch new insurance products. Using Socotra’s platform, Nationwide built and deployed Spire in only nine months, a timeline that’s far more accelerated compared to current industry standards.

“Nationwide picked Socotra as the center of Spire’s entire insurance operation. As a technical partner, Socotra helped Nationwide realize its vision by being the core system upon which Spire runs its entire policy admin operation, from quote to claim, creating an ideal insurance product together for the modern-day preferences of consumers.” – Scott Liles, the lead business executive of Spire.

Using Spire’s mobile website, a customer can purchase auto insurance coverage by simply scanning a driver’s license and answering four questions about driving behavior. The entire process takes less than a minute and does not require the customer to engage with an agent. Spire also ensures that customers’ premiums are based on logical, transparent factors (such as age, payment history, and where and how they drive) and provides coverage explanations that are free of complex industry jargon. Spire eventually plans to include more products and services that will help today’s consumers protect other aspects of their lives.

“We’re delighted that Nationwide, a Fortune 100 company and insurance industry leader, tapped Socotra to execute a bold vision for the future of insurance for millennials. Socotra is the only system with a modern cloud platform, open APIs, and a powerful data model that enabled Nationwide to launch in the time and budget they wanted. This first product is just the beginning for Spire, and for our collaboration with Nationwide.” – Dan Woods, CEO of Socotra.