Verti Versicherung AG Puts Their Trust in FRISS

Verti Versicherung AG, Germany’s second-largest direct motor insurer, is set to turn to AI-based software from FRISS, designed with an eye for improving customer service. The FRISS solution is the most widely implemented AI-based solution for fraud detection and risk mitigation for property and casualty (P&C) insurers. FRISS will accelerate Verti’s digital transformation, optimizing workflows with innovative products and providing the best possible customer experience for Verti and its policy holders.

“FRISS’s innovative, AI-based technology allows us to take the next step in the digitization of our processes. It also means that our customers, who have shown such great trust in us, can be even more confident that their premiums are being managed responsibly”, says Julian Reise, Director Operations at Verti Versicherung AG.

Niels Zijderveld, FRISS CCO, adds: “The digitization strategy that Verti is pursuing is making a significant contribution to the companies’ growth. I’m really pleased that we can contribute to making that happen. Our products are specifically designed to protect them from fraud and high risks. Together we’ll strive for excellent customer service and cannot wait to see a boost in both their efficiency and fraud detection.”

About Verti Versicherung AG

In early 2021, Verti Versicherung AG reached the milestone of a million policies, making it Germany’s second-largest direct motor insurer. The company was founded in 1996 in Teltow, near Berlin, where it has been based ever since. It also opened a second location in Vaterstetten, near Munich, in 2018. Verti has over 550 employees. Motor insurance products are Verti’s core business. It also offers motorbike insurance, legal expenses insurance for motorists and private individuals as well as personal liability insurance and term life insurance. Verti has been the worldwide digital brand of global insurance group MAPFRE since 2011. Having previously traded under the name Direct Line, Verti has been present on the German market since 2017. MAPFRE is the leading insurance company in Spain and the largest multinational insurance group in Latin America. It also ranks among the top 15 insurance groups in Europe in terms of premium volumes.

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With over 200 implementations, FRISS is recognized globally as the leading provider of AI-powered fraud detection and prevention software for the P&C industry. With dedication and many years of experience, FRISS has continuously evolved throughout its existence in order to keep up with the ever-changing demands of customers. This has been particularly important since the industry entered the digital age, in which circumstances can change rapidly. No other company offers the depth of experience and holistic focus on fraud detection and prevention found at FRISS. FRISS customers appreciate their unique focus on insurance fraud prevention and the dedication they show to their customers’ success.

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